Brand Theory

The team asked me to write a Branding Story for the wowstick, which is to tell a story, that kind1878 or from Germany, or grassroots against entrepreneurship, I refused.
A very respected senior said that the brand is the emotional bond between the product and the consumer. I believe his words are more about the brand's accumulation of humanity and time. It is not a slogan that has been advertised overnight. Let's talk about what we want to be and talk about how we are doing this ourselves.

We design products for our family and friends.

It has been said that 80% of the world's product designs are unreasonable or out of date. For this era, it is obviously a conservative figure.
In view of the limited life experience, we are convinced of this sentence infinitely. Again and again, we will say to a product: "If you can... just fine." Of course, we have also said this to others, including ourselves. People are hard to change, but fortunately we can change products and change the small environment, so that we can improve something over time.
If the products we design can't make our family and friends feel more comfortable, more comfortable, and more assured, then we are failing, and the types of success are tens of millions, but the failure is very clear for us, we are very clear, we It is impossible to disappoint those who love them, not to make their children feel unsatisfied, and not to make all support and waiting meaningless. We need to make everyone feel better.

The experience took 99% of the energy of our design process.

Experience, to say it is "transposition", empathy, transposition design, transposition consumption, transposition service.
Usually, "engineering experts" understand that "if consumers can read the instructions carefully, then there is no problem in using them." For example, engineers designing TV remotes will habitually design a remote control with more than 50 buttons, which is almost possible to control everything. They think that users have learned the remote control by learning these buttons. But we can't help but rudely ask: Who will TMD remember the function of TMD with 50 buttons? is this necessary? Isn't the TV just a switch, a volume, and a channel?
In order to change these, we can't design products along the old road, we must constantly experience the "transposition", and always remind ourselves what we want to make the product.
There is no light on this road, but we need to persist, persist, or persist, and the support of family and friends.

Designing is one thing, and quantity production is another.

We have been rejected by the supplier numerous times. It may be exaggerated to say this, but it is said that there are hundreds of times. If the elders drink bitter water, it is estimated that they can be counted hundreds of times. At first glance, being rejected is a bad thing, but along the way, we gradually realized that this is actually a good thing, because we refused to give up because we are not willing to do what others say, "changing one, fighting and fighting" Design, that is no user experience, comfortable, but we live up to the consumer, but also deviate from our original intention to do this thing. In order to integrate “Made in China” into “World Production”, it is worthwhile to be rejected. This is also part of our study and growth.

We firmly believe that good quality can bring good friends.

Good quality is good character and good quality. Who does not want to be friends with such people?
Good character is not to say how great it is, but to be true, sincere and trustworthy.
Good quality, not to have high parameters, but to be comfortable, reliable, and worth having.
This is a benchmark, good products deserve to be owned, good brands are trustworthy.
We don't need a mobile phone with a virtual standard overclocking. There is always a big gap between running points and reality. This is a kind of deception. We also don't need a TV that can watch for 50 years. This quality is a waste.

On the surface, we have said a lot of products and humanities, and there is no big brand story. In fact, we handed over the brand story to the time, handed it to practice, and handed it to you.

In order to be your good friend, we must be real and reliable.

-marco And Partners